Open When Letter Ideas

Lots of people are familiar with the gift idea of “Open When” letters, and I promise you receiving them is every girl’s dream, HOWEVER guys often have a lot harder time admitting when they’re upset or need to know how you feel which is why they are a GREAT present for you boyfriend, because he can read your reassuring words any time and not feel embarrassed. Open When letters are a great gift for anniversaries and graduations, or if you’re starting an LDR. They could work for any occasion, and here are some ideas for the reasons:

  • Open when you need a reminder that I love you
  • Open when you’re getting sick of how you look
  • Open when you miss me
  • Open when it feels like the distance will never end
  • Open when you’re stressed about ___(insert anything personal to him or the occasion that you know he worries about- for example, you moving away, new things, starting a new school/job)
  • Open when you need a reminder of what it’s all about
  • Open when you’re nervous before a big game/interview/day (include a pep talk)
  • Open when you’re mad at me (Example of the sort of letter inside would be along the lines of “I know we drive each other crazy sometimes but…and “We’ve gone through so much together nothing is too hard to handle, and I’m sorry for whatever I did this time.” Supposed to be cute and funny!)
  • Open when we’re in a rough patch (Remind him of the beginning of your relationship, all your good memories)
  • Open when you’re worried about all the changes ahead of us
  • Open when you’re anxious for our future
  • Open when you miss my face (include pictures of yourself! throwing a kiss, etc, be corny!)
  • Open when you need a pick me up (include a pep talk and small candy)

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